Friday, 18 December 2015

Tea Leaf is rhyming slag for thief

For me the year 2015 pivots around the month of May. The election day of May 7th returned the first Conservative majority government for the first time since 1992. This government, unhindered by the foppish Liberals who had been propping up their illegal coalition since 2010, has been handed carte blanche to wreak further havoc on people's lives. Against the backdrop of their manifesto, which outlines their intention to scrap the human rights act (without a hint of irony in the year that 800 years of Magna Carta was slobbered over by the Royals and politicians at Runnymede), cutting housing benefit to those on job seeker's allowance, and continuing the backdoor privatisation of the NHS, their election win triggered a feeding frenzy amongst the property developer speculative class. Many of these are former Tory ministers and advisors, making use of the revolving door that rotates between the public and private sector, industry and finance. 

I don't think I have ever felt more despondent than I did on May 8th when those of us in struggled to comprehend how anyone could have voted for such a venal, self serving and cruel government..we were suddenly surrounded by a sea of Tory blue..The revelation that the prime minister had committed necrophilic bestiality on his road to power provided some light relief but shows they will stop at nothing, and are willing to commit whatever acts they must to hold power, was swept up in this property mania, as our landlords celebrated their parties' win by deciding to put our building up for sale, cancelling all lease negotiations and forcing precarity on the space and communities who use them here. Under the cardboard rocks where they live, cartoon lobsters and fish chairs wearing Campbell's soup cans slithered up the stairs, followed by suited and money stuffed briefcase clutching G-Men..

With all of this despondence dominating the first half of the year, the latter half has been fighting back - registering as an asset of community value and fighting off two attempts by their solicitors to overturn this status, and forcing them to recognise the voice of this community. 

May also saw the launch of Tyburnia, a film whose title comes from property speculators rehabilitating a name for the Marble Arch area which had been erased several centuries before due to it's associations with public execution. Taking in contemporary politics, events, demonstrations as well as historical relics from executions, the film weaves in and out of the past and present, demonstrating through song and image the never changing relationship between those that have power and those who do not. 

Looking forward, the future is in collective opposition to what is happening in Tower Hamlets, London, and across the UK and beyond, in making work together about what is happening using the resources here, sharing equipment and knowledge..

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